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Monterey Molding Collection  introduces hand-crafted "Interactive Themed Crown Molding System". It brings your room to life! Our patented high quality crown molding system is easy to install, versatile because it's fully customizable, and it's fun because you can change the profile panels & decorative corbels anytime.  Add ambient LED Lighting, and Bluetooth stereo speakers  for the total sensory experience. Either running it across the ceiling and walls, or running it from the floor to ceiling be prepared to have your space transformed and elevated.

Now you have the power to show who you are.  Whether it be commercial or residential you can pick from our designer profile panels or you can even share your ideas and imagination to  create a distinctive and alluring crown molding effect with ease and versatility that will impress your guests, customers & clients. 

With a diverse variety of unique 3D border effects, either from our New York, Paris, California, or Milan Profile Collection We are sure you will find a design to match any decorative theme. No matter if it's your residence or if you are a grand hotel, restaurant, boutique, salon, or professional office we have got everything covered with ample decorative designer handcrafted profile panels to match your style.

Our  product flexibility and customization will assist you in keeping the panels updated with the latest trends whether it be to add an accent to one wall or for your entire space. Delivering quality crown fixtures, corbels, and designer profile panels is the least we can do for our customers.

With interchangeable customized designer profile panels, it will be a smart and quick renovation to your area  with the promise of a beautiful décor that is essential to your reputation.  As they are hand-crafted, you will feel special under our exclusive patented system that will last a lifetime.

With our exquisite crown molding system spruce up your restaurant's ambiance or impress your clients at your office with a welcoming eye-opening decorative accent . Even  interior decorating professionals will love this addition, engineered to both perfection and functionality. The easy to install feature and versatile designs can help you find  "The Easy Connection to Elegance"®.

Monterey Molding Collection*  system of Crown Fixtures, Corbels, and  Custom Profile Panels gives you the power

to become the interior decorator as you can design as you go. Just pick your pattern and trimmings and you will achieve an amazing and unique  crown molding effect, anywhere you like and remove it anytime! 


 Monterey Molding Collection
 "The Easy Connection to Elegance."®