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Step 3: Once you have installed all of the panels and corbels and moved all the sections into place.  Check to make sure the decorative emblems are level. You are done, great job now sit back and enjoy!!!!!

Step 2: Once the fixtures are installed slide the corbel brackets into place.  Then install a panel followed by installing the corbel to the bracket with the decorative fastener.  Note, If you can not fit your fingers behind the corbel you can try either one of the following methods:

Important: Do not over tighten the fasteners

1) Hold the nut in place and turn the front of the fastener 2) You can use small pliers.

3) Slide the panels away from the bracket to give you more clearance to fit you hand behind the bracket.

Step 1: Measure the area to determine how many pieces of the crown fixtures, corbels and panels you will need.  Check to make sure there are no electrical wires & plumbing that may be damaged.  Also check to make sure that the walls and ceiling do not have aggressive bulges that can stop the crown fixtures from laying flat against the wall and ceiling.  Next find the wall studs & ceiling joists. Determine how you want to layout the crown fixtures.  If needed cut the crown fixtures to the desired size or you can gap the fixtures to maximum of 3"  if your wall is a slightly longer.

You are now ready to start installing the fixtures. Drill a pilot hole and the screw into position. At this point slide the corbel brackets into the front track of the fixture.Continue until all the crown fixtures are installed.

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